字母C和D 开头的英语成语汇总


字母C 开头的成语

Carrot and sticks– You use both awards as well as punishments to make someone do something.

Cloak and dragger– when people behave in a very secret manner

Cards are stacked against– luck is against you

Crack a book– to open book to study

Cross a bridge before one comes to it– worry about the future in advance

Carry coals to new castle– to take something to a place or a person that has a lot of that thing already

Cast in the same mould– to be very similar

Change horses in midstream– to change plans

Cap it all– to finish

Cried with eyes out– cried a lot

Carry the can– If you carry the can, you take the blame for something, even though you didn't do it or are only partly at fault.

Cast a long shadow– Something or someone that casts a long shadow has considerable influence on other people or events.

Cat and dog life– If people lead a cat and dog life, they are always arguing.

以字母D 开头的成语

Drive a wedge between– to break relationship between the two

Dances to the tune– to always do what someone tells you to do

Dressed up to the nines– wearing fancy clothes

Dragging its feet– delaying in decision, not showing enthusiasm

Davey Jones' locker- Davey Jones' locker is the bottom of the sea or resting place of drowned sailors. ('Davy Jones' locker' is an alternative spelling.)

Dancing on someone's grave- If you will dance on someone's grave, you will outlive or

Outlast them and will celebrate their demise

Dog in the manger- If someone acts like a dog in the manger, they don't want other people to have or enjoy things that are useless to them

Don't cry over spilt milk- When something bad happens and nothing can be done to help it people say, 'Don't cry over spilt milk'

Don't wash your dirty laundry in public- People, especially couples, who argue in front of others or involve others in their personal problems and crises, are said to be washing their dirty laundry in public; making public things that are best left private.

Donkey work- Donkey work is any hard, boring work or task.

Don't throw bricks when you live in a glass house- Don't call others out on actions that you,yourself do. Don't be a hypocrite.

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